Kent Invicta LIVE: 5 Vital Metrics To Measure To Ensure Your Business Is Growing Online

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8th June 2021 10:30 am - 8th June 2021 11:30 am
Online via Zoom

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Join us for the next event in the Kent Invicta LIVE series, as we are joined by Dan Maudhub, Managing Director at Wonderful. Through this event we will discuss The 5 Vital Metrics To Measure To Ensure Your Business Is Growing Online.

We live in a time where our businesses are all competing online in some form or other. However, most businesses don’t directly sell online and have had to adapt quickly during the pandemic. It can be a minefield knowing how to compete online, especially as a service company, and knowing what success looks like (apart from sales of course!).

This session will look at 5 key metrics that ALL businesses need to measure to ensure their business is growing online – and they aren’t the obvious ones you might expect!

About Wonderful;
Behind everything we do are the people that make what we do, wonderful. Collaboration is essential to what we do, modern business challenges require multiple disciplines and skillsets to achieve the right outcomes.

We create project teams that work with you to achieve your goals, our focus is on the outcomes, the process is designed to be robust and clear to ensure that step by step we achieve the right results. 

At our core we are strategic thinkers, with UX and digital expertise driving our processes. We unpick the complexity, clear away the noise and devise plans and actions that will deliver the simplest and most refined solutions.

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