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We are proud to announce that our chosen Chamber Charity Partner of the Year, from the 1st April 2024 to the 31st March 2025, is Hypo Hounds.

Applying for the Chamber Charity Partner of the Year.

To be considered as a future Chamber Charity Partner of the Year, we encourage you to get in touch.

We are always overwhelmed by the incredible work that is carried out in our local community for so many brilliant causes. We learn first-hand the need for donations of gifts, time and money from our Charity Members.

By being our Chamber Charity partner, we can help you promote your business to new audiences and connect you with our network of members.

You can also take a look to see what benefits are available to you.

Applications can be submitted up until January 2025.

Please complete the Application Form and email

About Hypo Hounds

Hypo Hounds is a Diabetic Alert Assistance Dog Charity.

Hypo Hounds train dogs to detect and alert to the dangerous changes their Type 1 Diabetic owner’s blood sugars.

By alerting their owners or their families to these changes in blood sugars, Hypo Hounds can help to prevent potentially life-threatening hypoglycaemic attacks.

These are known as hypos and result from low blood sugar levels.

Diabetic alert dogs can also be trained to detect potential episodes of hyperglycaemia (known as hypers) when blood sugar levels are too high.

Hypo Hounds services are focused on children, enabling them to gain independence and freedom.

We are able to help adults if they have a clinical need.

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