Virtually Perfect – Delivering Awesome Virtual Experiences – Talk and Networking Event

26th November 2020 2:00 pm - 26th November 2020 3:30 pm BST

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When the world changed and the need for online events became more and more important for businesses and the average day-to-day continuation of life, we all learnt what we could and dare I say, pivoted our approach to both business and social experiences.

Business speakers, yoga instructors, digital trainers, salespeople, theatre-goers, teachers, recruiters and even pub quizzes – we’ve all had to adapt, and adapt quickly.

But standing out in an online world, and giving your customers, members and potential clients an experience that leaves them saying “wow” has to become the new priority. No more will we accept a screen shared slide deck from the 90s, poor sound quality and a dodgy green-screened Zoom background.

Virtual experiences are here to stay, and you want to deliver the same, if not better, experience that you would have IRL (in real life).

So, after a fair bit of experience delivering live workshops, talks, shows, networking events, sales pitches, podcasts, seminars, business meetings and god knows what else… we thought we’d share what we’ve learnt on virtual events.

Having a high production quality, taking advantage of on-platform opportunities and providing a virtual experience that makes your audience say ‘wow’ and remember your name. It’s not easy, and you can be sure it’s quite scary, but it doesn’t have to be all that.

This workshop will help navigate the minefield that is ‘going live’ resulting in a virtually perfect, virtual experience.

Coupled with an interactive networking session, hosted on Zoom, Luke Quilter and the team behind our virtual experiences at Sleeping Giant Media, will talk you through a whole host of virtual necessities to make your next online event/talk/quiz/meeting super awesome.

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