Kent Invicta LIVE: Creating and Managing Mental Resilience with Questae Collective

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10th February 2022 10:30 am - 10th February 2022 11:30 am
Online via Zoom

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Join us for the next Kent Invicta LIVE event, Creating and Managing Mental Resilience with Questae Collective, with our guest speaker John Walters, Director of Questae Collective.

The annual new year blues often creates feelings of despondency stress, poor sleep and depressive episodes, however given the past 24 months many of us are also experiencing new Covid related anxieties such as social, and professional anxiety, concerns when travelling (commuting), and feelings of frustration and/or even guilt when we decline, cancel, or miss an event for these reasons

During this session we will take a look at all of these feelings and emotions and share with you tips, tricks and life-hacks on how to recognise, understand, and overcome them by creating our own personal and individual resilience tool kits.

About John Walters:

After leaving the Army I built a successful 30 year career in commercial office design, most recently as Sales Director for a leading global brand, working with many of the field’s most forward-thinking, and respected creative visionaries along the way.

After the breakdown of my first marriage my mental health suffered, and I left my home city of Manchester. I relocated to Margate, remarried, and was blessed with twins. However, in 2014, I was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, I was given the all clear in June 2015, but I was then diagnosed with CPTSD, anxiety, and depression.

After the unexpected breakdown of my second marriage, I entered a very dark place. I immersed myself in my kids, but the weekends I was alone were awful, and I coped by drinking. One night, I found myself sitting on the edge of the cliff. I don’t think I was contemplating jumping, but I suddenly had a shock of adrenalin, and told myself this was it; things had to change, and it was in this compelling moment that I became interested in life – real life.

My passion for people within the workplace was always a predominant in my work so I took this to another level by promoting wellbeing in the workplace, this became a snowball with more and more clients wanting to know more and it was then that I decided to concentrate on this subject full time.

Questae Collective was founded on three core values – wellness, wellbeing, and mental health in the workplace.

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