Kent Invicta LIVE: Seven Things To Think About When Making Redundancies

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13th August 2020 10:30 am - 13th August 2020 11:30 am BST

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Join us for the next Kent Invicta LIVE event discussing ‘Seven Things To Think About When Making Redundancies’ with guest speakers Amanda Okill and Andrew Masters, Furley Page Solicitors.

We are probably going to be experiencing difficult economic times for a considerable period of time to come and many employers will be forced to make cutbacks in their staff. Through this event we aim to give guidance on the seven key things that an employer needs to consider when making staff redundant.

During this one hour event, we will cover the following topics:

  • Should you ask for volunteers?
  • The pool for selection
  • Selection citeria
  • Consultation
  • Applying the criteria
  • Pregnancy and family leave
  • Alternative work

While redundancy is an accepted reason for dismissal, employees with two years’ service or more can still claim that their dismissal was unfair. There is also a separate and more prescriptive legal requirement to consult employee representatives or trade union representatives where the employer is proposing to dismiss 20 or more employees at the same establishment over the course of 90 days or less.

No redundancy exercise therefore is completely without legal risk. It is key to understand the risks and the right approach in order to minimise that risk.

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