Kent Invicta LIVE: Business Planning for 2022

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27th January 2022 10:30 am - 27th January 2022 11:30 am
Online via Zoom
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Join us as we hear from Sally Brady, Sally Brady Coaching, who will be providing ‘Business Planning Tips for 2022’ to help you keep on top of your business plan through 2022 and beyond.

Through this event, we will focus on;

  • The importance of planning and tracking the cash within the business, from small to larger businesses
  • The importance of planning and budgetary controls and having good KPI’s/measures in place
  • Understanding the key figures and reports within your business

About Sally Brady:

I worked as a successful Accountant and Senior Manager in the Corporate Sector for over 30 years, I understand and have experienced life when profit margins and people are squeezed and the overwhelming pressure this brings. Having my own company, I am fully aware of the struggles of the business owner and the many hats we have to wear and how planning is imperative within Business.

I spent so long in the Corporate sector and saw so many great leaders with so very little knowledge of financials, but with a strong team behind them to support and grow the business, something your average SME does not have.

SME’s have to have a hands-on approach to most aspects of their business and the Financials are the part most find so difficult and therefore bury their heads in the sand around this area. I see this as a key driver and want to ensure that SME’s have this vital knowledge to help them grow and succeed in a highly competitive world.

I have successfully turned struggling Businesses with excessive losses into profit with continuous and sustainable growth, within 4 months turning a 140% Net Loss into a 40% Net Profit. My gift is Finances, give me any failing business and I can tell you where they’re going wrong and how to fix it.

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