Business Bites – Cutting Carbon | Cutting Costs- How To Start Your SME Sustainability Journey

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1st August 2024 1:00 pm - 1st August 2024 1:30 pm
Online via Zoom

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The Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce are excited to bring you Business Bites. Business Bites is a dynamic series of webinars that are aimed at providing valuable insights and upskilling opportunities. Business Bites serve as a platform to showcase emerging market trends whilst also offering informative sessions designed to keep members informed with the latest developments in the Business World. This weeks guest speaker will be Dave Carter from Auditel. 

Business Bites: Cutting Carbon – How to start your SME sustainability journey

Many SME businesses have yet to start their sustainability journey. It’s no surprise why:

  • The space is really complex.
  • The perception remains sustainability doesn’t make business sense.
  • SMEs have the least amount of available support and what does exist is often too expensive.
  • Business owners are seeing all sorts of other pressures that are taking precedence – staffing, sales, finances and simply keeping the lights on.

But what if starting your sustainability journey could help solve the above? It’d be a no brainer, right?

This webinar will provide insight on:

  • Why it makes financial sense to start your sustainability initiatives.
  • How you can take your first steps for no cost and in no time.
  • The risks of inaction.

If you’re a business who would see value in a free blueprint to help you begin your sustainability journey in a way that’ll save you money – or you just want to learn some more about what is happening in the space, this is a great place to start.

About Auditel and Dave Carter

Dave is a former McKinsey strategy manager with over 10 years’ experience of supporting start-ups and SME’s in commercial growth & operations.

Now with Auditel, Dave is focussed on helping SMEs in tackling sustainability in a way that makes commercial and business sense.

Sustainable businesses are typically more profitable, more resilient & adaptable to change and operate with lower operating costs. If that isn’t worth a conversation, what is?

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