DURTY Media Ltd

In: CGI Visualisation
Contact: Dan Lawrence
First Floor, 90-92 King Street, Maidstone, Kent. ME14 1BH

For over 5 years, DURTY have created visual 3D content for a range of business sizes and industries.
We build CGI 3D animations and interactive content to help you explain your products and processes more easily. As an extension of the team, we get to know their products inside out (literally!) by using 3D to help explain USP’s, showcase how they work all while avoiding the restrictions that alternatives like film or photography presents.
Interactive content puts your audience in control. They choose what to engage with and what to leave aside. It’s as helpful on a website as it is when you’re selling face to face at an exhibition or trade show.
In addition, we offer a wide range of Digital Marketing expertise, helping to market those products through story-focused content to help educate and inform your potential customers to the benefits your product or service provides. Or expand your market reach and generate leads through PPC advertisements on Google Ads or LinkedIn by using content that promotes interaction.
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