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“If you are serious about growing your business, but need help, then I’m the guy that can help you to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers for your business, creating a greater focus on providing you greater time and financial freedom.

I am Nicholas the specialist coach for hospitality, small business and service based industries in Kent and I have been providing business owners with the right tools to successfully grow their business’ for over 25 years. In addition I have also been part of some very highly successful sports teams, in Rugby, as well as in business and today I still coach rugby. The skills I have learnt in rugby have frequently transcended into my business life enabling me to build high performing teams, and successful businesses.

If you are in hospitality, or have been then I know that you are very resilient, highly motivated and passionate about your business, just like myself. You have also been through huge amounts of turmoil over the recent years from Ash clouds to The Pandemic, so you have had to make some very hard decisions and operate outside of your comfort zone. You have had to operate at a high level and out of your comfort zone, High performance is uncomfortable; trust me I know.

In August 2007 I turned my dream into a reality by leaving my highly paid job in Travel to set up my own hotel / pub company, only to experience a huge economic downturn 3 month later, which almost was the end of us, but we managed to turn the business around through slashing costs, increasing staff efficiencies and a clear vision and message around “What we stood for” resulting is sales growth of 46% year 1 and 28% year 2 by deploying tried and tested strategies.

More recently I ran a venue in London which I took over 9 months prior to the pandemic and during that period grew our weekly enquiries from £50k / week to £250k / week through the implementation of a strategy around “getting and keeping customers”, looking at our customer journey and truly understanding what our customers (in each market) really wanted. We also adapted the market in which we targeted so as to enable us to continue to secure business, when allowed.

Whatever your dream of your business I can help you to achieve this through getting you “out of the weeds” and guiding you how to build solid foundation blocks so as to grow and develop your Hospitality, Service Industry or small business.

Many people who start a business do so because they are passionate about their industry, have a really good understanding of their craft, but they do not know what running a business involves. This is why No business is ever too small to warrant a coach, in fact what it says is that you are exceeding professional and serious about your business succeeding.

How would a coach benefit you?  Owning a business is lonely, but imaging what you could achieve with someone by your side to bounce ideas off, share and develop ideas, guide you and provide you with the comfort that someone else cares as much about your business as you do.

Why am I successful with my client’s?  I am successful because I acknowledge and practice the following ethos:

  1. Everyone is unique and different and needs to be treated as such. This is important as everyone takes in information in different ways.
  2. Every business and business owner are in their own unique position and it is vital that this is reflected in the solutions we recommend.
  3. Everyone works at a different pace; or has a greater urgency to grow their business, as such this has to be reflected in the support we provide and in the expectations of results within a specific time frame.

Lastly, we do not work with business owners that are not “Open minded” to what they may not know, or that there may be a different way to do something, as this only results in frustration and ultimately a breakdown in relationship and separation.

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