Business Bites – Protecting Your Business; Ensuring Continuity And Security – 11th July

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11th July 2024 1:00 pm - 11th July 2024 1:30 pm
Online via Zoom

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The Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce and Not Another Marketing Agency are excited to bring you Business Bites. Business Bites is a dynamic series of webinars that are aimed at providing valuable insights and upskilling opportunities. Business Bites serve as a platform to showcase emerging market trends whilst also offering informative sessions designed to keep members informed with the latest developments in the Business World. This weeks guest speaker will be Kieran Osbourne from Squiggle Consult.

Business Bites: Protecting Your Business; Ensuring Continuity and Security

Discover the essentials of safeguarding your business’s future in our webinar, ‘Protecting Your Business: Ensuring Continuity and Security.’ This session will explore how strategic planning, including wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs), can be pivotal in maintaining business continuity and securing your legacy. We’ll delve into the importance of proactive planning to handle unexpected situations, ensuring that your business can thrive and transition smoothly during times of change. Ideal for business owners and decision-makers, this webinar will provide valuable insights into creating a resilient business framework.

About Kieran Osbourne and Squiggle Consult

Kieran is well recognised in this industry after trying to take a different approach to estate planning for well over a decade.

Kieran’s journey to Squiggle started in the banking industry, where he used to advise the directors of small businesses for several years. During that time, Kieran became very familiar with the struggles and stories of everyday men and women in small businesses. And these stories were at odds with the banking industry’s relentless focus on profit margins, metrics and data. So, when he was headhunted for a senior client-facing role in the legal industry, he didn’t hesitate to make a move in a quest to make more of an impact.

However, even though Kieran felt that he was in a more “caring” industry, he was surprised at just how archaic this sector was as well. Kieran saw so many things that needed to be shaken up – poor technology, little or no transparency and an unwieldy experience for the customer with bottlenecks everywhere. That was when he decided to found Squiggle – to take these challenges head on and provide the customer with an entirely new experience.

Squiggle is seven years old in June 2024, and has grown from myself to now a total of 19 staff working with over 7000 clients nationwide.

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