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Rated No1 in the UK based on client feedback (FreeIndex) UK Business Mentoring have been supporting business owners across the UK for 11 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to add value to every business we work with.

We are proud of our values “We will always work with and for the client to the benefit of the business and will at all times be honest, professional and act with integrity, respect confidentiality and add value”.

Our pledge to everyone we work with is “If a client is not satisfied and feels that the mentor has not added value then the client will not be expected to pay”

How do I achieve this? By helping business owners to grow their business, make it more profitable, develop their business skills and equip them to deal with the frustrations and challenges all business owners face (including having a healthy work/life balance), and, when the time is right, get a good return on the blood, sweat and tears they have invested in the business.

If you’d like to have a chat about your particular circumstances and whether I can help, please contact me.


Jim has over 30 years’ experience of leading teams and developing leaders. He is qualified in Leadership Coaching and Executive Mentoring and has a broad range of experiences in Leadership/People Management/Sales and Marketing/Customer Experience/Continuous Improvement/Company Culture and Strategy.

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