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Stowe Family Law LLP, 1 Webbs Court, Buckhurst Avenue, Sevenoaks, Kent. TN13 1LZ

Divorce lawyers in Sevenoaks

Leading the team in Sevenoaks is Senior Solicitor Rebecca Coates, who specialises in divorce and financial cases. Rebecca is supported by Kate Rayner, a highly experienced family lawyer for over 20 years’ who combines expert legal knowledge with an exceptional level of client care.

We support clients across Sevenoaks and the Kent area, who are going through a relationship break-up – including divorce, separation, cohabitation disputes, breakdown of civil partnerships, resolving financial issues and making arrangements for children.

On your side

First and foremost, we listen and support you to help resolve family matters around the table rather than in court, where possible. If court proceedings are necessary, we have the legal knowledge and expertise to achieve the right result.

We tailor our approach and legal advice to the unique needs of each client. We will guide you through the practical, emotional and legal aspects of divorce (and other types of separation), from the very start of the divorce process and over the finish line.

While our divorce solicitors have a reputation for being expert litigators, court proceedings can add unnecessary time, expense and stress to a divorce or separation.  We offer out of court (alternative dispute resolution) routes: mediation, arbitration and collaborative law, which allow each spouse to find solutions and reach agreements on finances, any children involved and other family issues.  In addition to supporting our clients through the legal side of divorce, we always apply an empathetic approach and encourage reaching out to our network of family support professionals if needed.  This includes including coaches, therapists and parenting groups.

Understanding your finances

As part of our divorce service, you will have access to our in-house accounting team. Having an extensive experience of tax, property, valuations, accounts and pension knowledge ensures you have a clear picture of the finances and assets from the beginning.

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