STL International Ltd

Contact: Peter Heyse
Hill Farm, Linton Hill, Kent. ME17 4AL

STL International Ltd (STL) offers one of the widest available ranges of low maintenance and maintenance free industrial and hazardous area light fittings with high performance levels.

As well as emergency lighting there are fittings for specialist applications such as extreme temperatures and dust.

The ongoing mission for STL is to eliminate, or at least, drastically reduce lighting maintenance to an absolute minimum so that skilled and valuable personnel time can be spent more productively elsewhere on the plant or site.

STL can achieve this with the supply of lighting fixtures that are complete with LED’s, long life fluorescent tubes or other light sources depending on the application.

High quality, long lasting materials and components (e.g. ballasts) are used in a critical manufacturing process that enables exceptional product warranty guarantees.

STL uses computerised light calculations for application specifics and projects. STL can also customer design and supply ancillary equipment, such as UPS and battery backup systems, as well as control stations/panels and windsock installations.

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