The Changing Face of Customer Service Recording

In: Webinars
13th September 2021

In this recording, we will look at what customers are really looking for and how we can deliver this successfully going forward.

A good business attracts customers, but a great business keeps them. Lasting success is built on customer retention, and to do this you need great customer service. In the modern era, this requires a mastery of everything from face to face, phone calls, emails, social media and even A.I.

Customer service can be a notoriously challenging environment. While speaking directly to customers has its rewards, customer service personnel can also face complaints and abuse, and situations where an answer isn’t forthcoming. Performing this role effectively means managing expectations and connecting with people as well as communicating effectively.

Over the past 16 months, businesses have gone through unsurmountable change and restructure to cope with the demands of Covid 19 closures and restrictions. However, some companies have excelled delivering an excellent Customer Service whilst others have failed to live up to customers’ expectations. So why is this?

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