How To Build A Lead Generating Sales Funnel Recording

In: Webinars
6th May 2021

Join Matt Jennison, founder and CEO at One Zebra, who, through this recording, will guide you on how to build a lead generating sales funnel, including what you need to include on your website to convert more visitors into sales or enquiries.

By the end of this recording, you will have learnt:

  • How to avoid confusing Messaging and ensure your customers understand the value you offer
  • How to structure your Home Page in order to convert more website visitors into enquiries
  • How to leverage a Lead Generator and nurture prospects who are not quite ready to buy yet
  • How to create a lead generating e-mail sequence that your prospects will be happy to receive
  • Why not all testimonials are made equal and how to capture powerful customer quotes
  • How to leverage the power of story in your marketing, so you can stand out from the noise
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