Handling Data During Brexit

In: Brexit
17th January 2020

Actions to take ahead of January 31

Transition Period
SUMMARY: No changes expected during transition period. Check out BCC’s Business Brexit Checklist for information on possible longer-term changes.

During the transition period businesses would face ‘business-as-usual’ arrangements for the handling and protection of data.

Post Transition

The Political Declaration (PD) highlights the importance of data and digital trade between the UK and EU. However, for both areas, the PD does not provide any detail beyond broad ambitions for cooperation.

On data protection, PD states that the European Commission will endeavor to adopt a decision on whether the UK meets data adequacy status – in order to facilitate information flows between the UK and EU – by the end of 2020. The PD states that the UK will establish its own international data transfer regime but will take steps to ensure the comparable facilitation of transfers of personal data to the EU.

On the digitalisation of trade, the PD states that the UK and EU should establish provisions to facilitate electronic commerce and remove barriers; provide for fair and equal access to public telecommunication networks; and work together to exchange best practice on emerging technologies.

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