Young Chamber


Bridging the gap between Education and Business is vital if we are to enable today’s young people to reach their potential and provide the much needed support to enable our Member businesses to reach their growth aspirations.

Young Chamber is a programme run by Kent Invicta Chamber linking business with education, giving young students the opportunity to learn about the world of work and giving the business community the opportunity to shape our future workforce ensuring the future skill set are there to meet business needs.

For Business

  • A means of aggregating and making sense of the vast range of separate school/business activities firms get asked to support, thus bringing some consistency to the connectivity between business and schools and their students. Opportunity to raise the profile and branding and image of the business by the interaction and connectivity it has with schools and students. Opportunity to explain the role and value of business within the local community to schools (teachers and students). The issues business face in doing business can also be explained and views sought from students about their perception of these. Opportunity to shape the quality of future employees by explaining the qualities and attitudes, etc. required and assisting in students’ development of these. Diverse industries will have better access to attract young people with a wide range of abilities into filling industry skills’ gaps. Provides business with a simple way to fulfil elements of their corporate social responsibility agenda. Provides personal development opportunities for business staff via their interaction and connectivity with students. Opportunity to gain the views and feelings of young people. Opportunity to tap into the creativity of the young by asking young people to undertake research and to consider issues affecting the business. Can gain youth customers from the connectivity and engagement.

For Educators

  • Contributes to the achievement of work-related learning frameworks and inspection criteria. Instant access to specific business skills to enhance the delivery of the school curriculum. Opportunity to become active partners within the wider community. Enhance opportunity to provide its students with recognised and needed skills to progress into employment, self-employment or further training towards their desired careers. Provides greater opportunity to develop relationships with key business partners. Enhances opportunities for sponsorship with business partners. Enhanced school image due to connectivity with Chamber of Commerce and its network of business. Potential for improved curriculum status with parents due to the increased connectivity with local businesses.

For Students

  • See at first hand the requirements of business and what would be expected of students when looking for and commencing full-time employment. Provide students with a voice and real audience with those within the business community. Opportunity to contribute to local issues – providing students with a voice to say how they feel about local issues. Mechanism for students to communicate with local business and commerce. Greater opportunities to experience and to gain awareness of the business community. Opportunity for students to raise their personal achievement and to add relevant work skills to their CV. Opportunity to contextualise learning and classroom experiences with business needs. Opportunity to assess employability and enterprise skills. Opportunity to practice key employability skills. Being taken seriously by business staff. Learning from fun activities that do not seem like schoolwork. Access to resources that may not be available within school environment, thereby enriching students’ learning experiences.

To learn more about Young Chamber you can call the Chamber on 01233503838 or email

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