Would A Complimentary One2One Review Help You?

19th May 2020
Paul Brooks

Travel bans, lockdown and social distancing have had a dramatic effect on UK businesses, sadly mostly in a negative way. 70% of companies report that they have furloughed staff and according to the news media we are rushing headlong into an economic crisis that will be worse than the financial crash of 2008. It’s easy to be depressed!

However, it will come to an end and the business community will find a way to navigate through these stormy waters. NOW is actually the time to plan ahead and formulate the vision of what your business will look like in the future.

There are many things to consider

  • How can you manage returning furloughed workers?
  • Are you ready to take them all back?
  • Will you need to restructure and reorganise?
  • Do you have the right policies and procedures in place to enable you to do this?
  • Is your business compliant with HR and health & safety?

We are offering Chamber Members a complimentary One2One Review meeting (via video conference) to discuss the above and any other issues that concern you. We can help to ensure you are correctly set up to grow and ride the wave of recovery when it comes, whilst also being fully compliant with HR and health & safety regulations.

Simply email Quest, and they will get back to you to arrange a suitable time: hello@questcover.com

Helping members in these extraordinary times. 

Quest is part of the Vantage Group of companies based in Leicester. They are the exclusive recommended supplier of the British Chambers of Commerce, helping most UK Chambers to support their members. They are also an official partner of The Trade Association Forum, supporting a rapidly increasing number of trade associations across the UK. Over 80,000 UK businesses have access to our services.

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