Number Of People Paying For Healthcare Increases At KIMS Hospital

26th January 2018
Paul Brooks

kims-hospital-logoKIMS Hospital, the largest independent hospital in Kent, has seen the number of people paying for their own healthcare treatment grow by 22%*.

Commenting on this, Simon James CEO of KIMS Hospital stated,

“Since we opened in April 2014, our focus has been to provide safe, outstanding quality care for both our NHS and private patients. This will not change. However, what is changing is the financial pressure on the NHS and sadly, this is not going to disappear.

kims-hospital-1Faced with an aging population, increasing consumer demands, where we naturally expect access to the latest drugs and treatments, pressure on scarce NHS resources is only going to increase.”

In this climate, according to the Private Healthcare UK Self-pay Market Report 2017 the number of people choosing to fund their own healthcare has grown by as much as 25% a year in London.

“Here at KIMS Hospital, more people are choosing to self-pay for their healthcare to avoid what can unfortunately be lengthy delays on waiting lists.

For example, we are treating an increasing number of people who require hip or knee replacements i.e conditions which are not life threatening but can be extremely painful and debilitating,” Simon James comments.

kims-hospital-2KIMS Hospital continues to work in partnership with the NHS, providing care and treatment for local NHS patients. For year ending April 2017 there was a 43% increase in NHS funded patients at the hospital. Simon James states “I firmly believe that we have a key role to play in the local community in providing safe, outstanding quality care, irrespective of how the treatment is funded.

The challenge going forward is about Government being transparent on which aspects of healthcare it can fund so people are then clear on what they may have to pay for.”

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