Furley Page Staff Start Two Million Steps Race To Rome

7th November 2018
Paul Brooks

Staff from Furley Page are on a mission to lead healthier and more active lifestyles this autumn as the law firm launches its Pedometer Challenge.

80 members of Furley Page’s staff will compete to walk two million steps; the equivalent of travelling from Canterbury Cathedral to St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Working in five-person teams, the challenge is to be the firs t team to collectively walk the 2,750 km trip from Canterbury to Italy’s capital city. Prizes will be awarded for a variety of achievements along the way , such as the team that records the most steps in one week.

Each team will record their total number of steps each week and data will be used to track their progress using pedometers donated by Westfield Health. A variety of targets will be set throughout the challenge to reward teams for their performance over different ‘legs’ of the journey.

Karen Cook, Senior HR Manager at Furley Page, said: “Our two million steps Pedometer Challenge is part of the firm’s drive to encourage our staff to live active lifestyles and to promote health and well-being in the workplace. The challenge will also promote camaraderie and team spirit, and hopefully get different members of staff who don’t regularly meet one another to have greater interaction.

“We’ve had a fantastic take-up for the initiative and more than half of our staff have signed up to take part. Buon viaggio to all those who will compete in the challenge and may the best team win!”

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