Legal Services

Did you know that included in membership of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce is a FREE Legal Expenses Insurance service?

There is also a FREE Legal Helpline available to all Chamber members enabling you to get valuable advice free 24-7, 365 days a year. Unfortunately no matter how well you plan and manage your business you never know when you are going to face unexpected, expensive legal fees.

Free with your Chamber Membership is the peace of mind that is a Legal Expenses Insurance policy.

Upon joining Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce you will receive a Legal Expenses Insurance policy covering your business for up to £670,000 worth of legal services – safeguarding you against the unexpected costs of professional legal services. The equivalent entry-level open market premium for this level of cover is estimated to be around £125 per annum; this is substantially more with the number of employees you have.

This is genuine value for your business included in Chamber Membership at no additional fee. Secondly, included with membership is a FREE Legal Advice Line service – free advice, 24-7 – no more expensive, short meetings with solicitors for some basic advice; it’s free with your Chamber membership. To find out more, visit