Why The Buzzzz

11th June 2019
Mark Browne

I stepped into the garden and saw a bee hard at work. Our bird box has been taken over by nesting bumble bees.

I started to think about how they fetched, stored, cleaned and moved things and how efficient they were at organising their hive. All the little store holes neatly built and then servicing them knowing what is in each hole.

What also came to mind is how much I had in common with bees and their hive. Not as in I have wings and stripy fuzz on my body, more about their process of running their hive and how I run my store.

We both fly around collecting items to bring back to the store (literally in their case).

You place the item into a holding area, then it gets moved to a storage space, where we record exactly where it is.

We look after that item until its ready to be moved either for delivery or to be destroyed as they reach their retention date.

We can manage the retention of your files for you. This keeps your company following the GDPR guidelines. Nothing gets destroyed too early or is held for too long.

So what are the advantages of using a Records Management company like SMB.

1. You get your space back in your office to utilise correctly.

2. You know your documents are being stored securely.

3. You know exactly where each item is.

4. You don’t have to waste time rummaging through stacks of boxes to find what you need

5. We can deliver the item to you, securely, in our tracked vehicle.

6. All destruction is properly shredded and 100% recycled not land filled, helping the environment ♻️

7. You get a certificate showing the destruction, also needed for audit purposes. (GDPR)

8. Our office destruction service ensures you don’t waste valuable resource and time standing at shredding machines

9. No replacement or maintenance cost of the machine

10. We are up to 70% cheaper than self stores facilities or removal companies.

So place your boxes in the right place and let us start managing your items for you. It is what we do.

SMB get it right because we care.


T:  07795556080

E:  services@smbrecordsmanagement.co.uk

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