Why Is Branding Essential To Your Business?

6th August 2019
Linda Cloke

Branding is an umbrella term which incorporates the company name, logo, colour schemes and overall design of your business. Branding that is appropriate for your business makes it easily identifiable for your customers/clients.

Let’s have a think about iconic branding. There are many brands that you can see the colour scheme, the logo and even the tag line and automatically recognise which company that it belongs to.

Branding for your company is incredibly important as it gives your clients/customers a sense of what your company means and stands for. For example, by 1931, Coca Cola was already a major brand within the market. For the Christmas campaign of 1931, the brand commissioned an illustrator called Haddon Sundblom to create an oil painting of Santa Claus drinking a coke on Christmas Eve. This depicted Santa Clause with a huge white beard, rosy cheeks, and a round figure. Although this idea of Santa wasn’t what the public depicted Santa Clause as at the time, it quickly became an iconic image replicated by writers, filmmakers and artists throughout the world. This means that with Coca-Cola’s branding, it was able to make their idea of Santa into the definitive icon that it is today.

Branding increases your business’ value. A strong and established brand can increase a company’s value by giving your company a step forward in the industry that your business is operating in. A strong brand is much more of an appealing investment opportunity due to the company’s ability to be established within the marketplace.

Branding improves the employee’s outlook on the company that they work for. With a strong brand for your company, it is one that employees can stand behind and have more satisfaction with their job purely because it is a brand that they can be proud to work for. For an employee, working for a brand that has a good reputation and that is held in high regard among the public and business world alike, makes working for the company more enjoyable and fulfilling. This mentality can be further accelerated by having a branded office with signs and merchandise with something simple like branded company pens.

A great brand will help to advertise your company. It is a lot easier to create a great advertising campaign for your company when it has a defined colour scheme, logo, tag line and font. This allows you to produce an advertising campaign that has continuity which allows you to get your brand recognised by your potential customers and clients.

All in all, it is safe to say that branding that is appropriate for your company is important in ensuring its success.

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