What’s With All These Gadgets? A Smart Look At Home Technology

20th July 2018
Tracey Glendinning

If you’ve watched as many sci-fi films as we have, it doesn’t seem surprising that your entire home can be controlled from an app on your mobile phone. The smart-home industry has grown rapidly. So quickly in fact, that we thought it might be best to break down exactly what the benefits of all this technology is. And also, just to check that it’s not going to turn into an “I, Robot” fiasco.

Voice Control

Amazon Alexa or Siri, both of whom work on voice recognition to undertake tasks such as answering questions, became the first major insight into what technology could do for the everyday person.  It was an insight that captivated all technology-lovers and scared technophobes, but what no one could deny was that the future was most certainly digital.  Answering questions such as, “why is the colour of grass green?” May have not been the future tech giants such as Apple and Google envisioned for their new creations. However, what those menial questions did do, was enhance a relationship between the everyday person, allowing them to grow comfortable and accept the technology that was unfolding around them.  Now, smart home devices are being installed into millions of homes for dual purposes. One, so that people can ask those questions, either for the sake of a laugh or for genuine information. And secondly, to control their thermostat, security camera, audio and sound system as well as a whole host of other connected devices. The ability to control all of this from either a smart home hub or from a smartphone allows people to feel in control and safe at all times. Everything can be done through either voice recognition, fingerprint or security coding in order to personalise and keep secure your new smart home. And for those who are wondering about the colour of grass, ask Google or Siri or Echo!

Security Cameras & Smart Lock

Whilst you can now control all exterior and interior cameras from your home or smartphone, it pays to install a camera that’s worthy of what it’s protecting. The assets you need to look out for are cameras with fantastic motion detectors, flexible scheduling, high-quality videoing that allows anything to be seen regardless of day or night and a long storage time. That way, if you’re away for long periods of time or unable to access your phone, you can playback anything you may have missed. For extra security, doorbells with inbuilt video cameras can also be installed. These types of doorbells illuminate visitors and can provide clever static photographs. These gadgets can be connected to your smart home hub, enabling a 24/7 surveillance of your property.

Thermostats  & Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector

Instantly control the temperature of your home with a slick touchscreen interfaced thermostat that enables heat or cold air radiation. Room temperatures can be controlled and personalised for each room in the house. This means if you need cool air in the kitchen, but your partner/sibling/child/cat needs some heat, your smart-installed thermostat can make it happen.

Smart house Carbon Monoxide Detectors can detect smoke and Carbon Monoxide as well as detecting fast and slow burning fires. The detector can instruct you on exactly which room in the house is leaking or has a fire. That way, damage can be controlled, people and possessions kept safe and you can keep peace of mind from knowing your detector can detect that which cannot always be seen.

Other Gadgets

If all of the above gadgets weren’t cool enough, then meet the Robot Vacuum. The Samsung Powerbot R7070 zooms around your house, controlled by your smart home hub, hoovering up all the animal hairs, fluff, dirt and food pips. It’s small, curved design makes it perfect for cleaning corners and all the other pesky places a normal, straight-lined hoover can’t reach. It also contains a user-friendly dustbin so it can be emptied and zooming around again in no time at all.

There’s also the smart Garage Doors, which allow you open and close your garage from anywhere in the world and from your smart device, meaning you never have to reach around for a key again. Then there’s the smart cooker, which boils heat at a precise temperature, meaning you can tuck into the perfect home cooked meal.

All of these gadgets are made with the everyday person in mind. By being user-friendly and not as expensive as you may think, the reality of a smart home may be closer than you think. We can picture ourselves right now listening to a surround sound of Aretha Franklin, whilst the Powerbot hoover is keeping the house clean and the cooker is preparing our favourite meal.  It’s a digital future, we like the look of and at Renovize Homes we can help you not only like the look of it but have it too.




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