Try Our Delicious Raspberry And Vanilla Cold Brew Infusion

13th May 2019
Jason Spencer

Innovate your tea and coffee with the delicious recipes from our Espresso Warehouse Summer Range.


What you will need

  • CoffeeGator Cold Brewer 1400ml
  • Iced Raspberry and Vanilla
  • Still water
  • Ice cubes

Step 1. Add 6 scoops of Iced Raspberry and Vanilla to the CoffeeGator brewer mesh insert

Step 2. Top with cold water and steep for up to 24 hours in the fridge (<5°C)

Step 3. After 24 hours, remove the leaves from the jug and serve over ice and garnish with raspberries

Step 4. Store remaining cold brew tea in a fridge (<5°C) for up to 24hrs maximum, discard any remaining tea after this time

Enjoy. Consume within 24 hours. (makes 1.1l of cold brew)

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