Trick Or Treat

7th November 2018
Seamus Murphy

It’s that time of year when we love to be scared, but only if we get the reward of the sweet stuff afterwards.

Aside from Halloween we all have fears and they are generally irrational. The common ones are well known, spiders, dogs, heights etc – mine is not so much heights, which I love, but I get the urge to jump when I am in a high spot, so the fear is involuntary jumping from a great height!

A few days ago I met a customer who was introduced to me via a mutual friend. We joked that he had a fear of salesmen, having had a bad experience previously. In reality it isn’t that unusual. People can often be uncomfortable when in a Sales position, they may believe they don’t have the same knowledge as the perceived “expert” and can feel a loss of control. There is also the fear of the “hard sell”. We have all heard stories of the salesman camping in premises almost bullying a person to sign on the bottom line. The reality today is very different, todays buyers are well informed and often know exactly what they want. A Salesperson should be seen as your advisor, someone who will work with you to help solve your problems. In doing so they can provide a win – win situation for both parties.

At Ikonix we like to build a relationship with prospective customers ahead of providing them a service, we aren’t there just for the sale. As an independent advisor we want to be seen as a trusted expert providing you with guidance so that when the time is right for a change we are the right partner to go forward with. As my colleague says “it is easier to be in the boat rowing together than shouting directions from the river bank”.

In the particular case I mentioned above we were able to identify a solution for our customer that not only provided him with an improved level of service and greater functionality, we were also able to reduce his monthly outgoings by over 50%. As an added bonus we were able to provide more candy by reducing his utility bills by over 15%.

A perfect Halloween example of starting off scared and receiving a treat at the end.

If you would like us to review your services, please contact us – I promise you we aren’t scary although we may well surprise you with potential savings!!

Seamus step away from the edge Murphy


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