Tackling Antimicrobial Resistant Organisms

11th March 2019
Paul O'Hara

This runs alongside HM Government’s paper Tackling AMR 2019-2024 Published 24 January 2019

Bacteria are evolving and impervious to antibiotics, there are some like MRSA, Ecoli, Clostridium Difficile and the latest is Gonorrhoea which are Multi Drug Resistant Organisms. The health minister Rt Hon Matt Hancock is calling this ‘Mission Critical’ and the Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies calls it a ‘Catastrophic Threat’ as this will affect everyone.

The government’s paper is an effort to reduce the prescribed Antibiotics by 50% in 5 years and extend the qualities of the antibiotics we have presently, while the pharmaceutical industry tries to find alternatives. Please note, no new antibiotics have been discovered in the last 30 years and the process, does not allow for rushed new medication: antibiotic or vaccine. It is inevitable that we will see more infection incidences and if the mortality predictions are accurate, then we are looking at terrifying numbers.

What can we do? We can reduce the infection incidences through effective hygiene and sanitation. This will help!

If you have harmful pathogens in your offices, home, community centre or any other building, I can decontaminate the building / room for you. Using a combination of equipment, we can address airborne pathogens or if the bacteria has settled and colonising on ceilings, walls, windows, curtains, blinds, doors, handles lights and their switches floors, furniture, soft or hard surfaces. We will kill 99.99% thoroughly.

Let me know what your infection control challenges are, I can help.http://www.decontaminator.co.uk

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