Start Planning For CoronaVirus To Hit Your business

5th March 2020
John Mather

If you run a Small business, with less than 30 staff, now is the time to start planning for all your staff to be off sick (self-isolating), not together, but individually you could lose any member of your staff through #CoronaVirus2020 and you should make preparations for any of them to be off now, before you actually need to.

So, each member of staff should keep on top of their workload, to ensure there is no backlog of work when / if they are off, ensure their desk / office can support their replacement doing their work and that all the procedures are available for each task they are responsible for.

And most importantly, start having morning staff meetings where all that days’ work gets discussed and plans are made for workarounds and Company work Priorities are set by the management, not by the staff. So, to enable staff who are self-isolating can join the daily meetings, give each member of staff the same teleconference/video program that will allow them to join the meetings electronically from home and support their replacement remotely.

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