Some Great News And A Sad Farewell…

13th June 2018
Miguel Calabrese

Well, we’re back!
 width=For those of you who follow us on social media will no doubt have seen pictures and posts of our recent Scumrun shenanigans. You would have seen just how much fun we had on our trip. For those that don’t, we’re pleased to say we made it back in one piece (just!).

As always, it began in Dover on the ferry. We lined up with our Lady Penelope partners from Orchard Garage, and then we were off! Each morning, our route is revealed to us, so we have no idea where we’re headed.

This was the journey

Our first day’s route ended in Luxembourg, a successful run and we set up camp for the night.

The second day, we crossed the border into Germany, and ended up in Rosenheim with a stein (or two) to round the day off. All going well so far, and Roger the Rover still going strong.

The third day we left Germany and ventured into Hungary, our campsite was based in the capital Budapest. At this point, we’re doing fairly well, finishing respectably (we’re not last at least…just).

The next morning, the big news was revealed…

We’re only going to be driving round the world famous Hungaroring – venue of the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix!

Roger driving on the same track as Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton – can you believe it?

A few laps later and we’re on our way to Nuremberg. A truly fitting end to what was a fantastic few days, a lot of fun and raising money for charity at the same time!

So, our adventure ended here…

But the biggest challenge of all, will we make the ferry home this year? Last year, we had a little hiccup and broke down on the way home and missed our sailing. With 7 hours and 45 mins to make it from Nuremberg to Dunkirk, we were pushing it.

But Roger didn’t let us down this year, and we made it home!

Even better, we’ve managed to raise over £1,500 for this year’s charity. Action Medical Research which is what it was all about – much needed funds for research and treatments for sick babies and children.

So that’s the good news, and the sad farewell?

Well, although our faithful companion Roger has been with us for two years now. The day after we returned, he was due his MOT, which he sadly failed. So he has retired to the big garage in the sky. Roger will be sadly missed.

However, this does mean that Ray is already on the hunt for next year’s car. A search he is taking incredibly seriously, so watch this space.

A final thank you to everyone who has donated – you have all been so generous – it really does help us keep going. Until next year!

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