Protecting Directors And Officers

14th June 2019
Darren Smith

Protect Yourself And Your Business Reputation

Directors and officers can face serious consequences. Prior to the Companies Act 1985 (later superseded by the Companies Act 2006) it was nearly impossible to pursue anyone other than the company following an incident or event. This Act allowed actions to be taken against directors and officers personally, exposing their personal wealth to unlimited liability.

It can be costly to defend against claims, fines and penalties. We have teamed up with AIG to provide you with a comprehensive solution to cover the cost of fines, penalties or legal claims against you, for example related to data security breaches.

Legal actions can come from many directions:

  • Shareholder
  • Investors
  • Trade associations or regulatory bodies
  • The liquidator
  • Employees
  • Fellow directors business

To find out more you can contact:

Stuart Guest, Business Development Executive, NFU Mutual – Ashford, Tenterden & Whitfield

Phone: 01233 500 822 | Mobile: 07899 891 133
Email: | Website:

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