Need Some Sun Relief? Then Think, Pergola!

31st July 2018
Tracey Glendinning

We miss the sunshine when it’s gone and moan when it’s here. Moaning is a part of our British culture and our savvier, sun-loving friends on the other side of the pond love us for it. Moaning or not, we think you can appreciate how this week has been monstrously hot. We’re not sure if our colleagues are humans or puddles and Keith, our Structural Engineer is a lovely shade of lobster. However, we’re not saying we don’t want to enjoy the sunshine; we just need to dial it down! Whilst we continue to lobby for a staff garden, we thought we’d share with you one of the most simple and therefore greatest summer perks around; the pergola.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a beautiful and practical structure that consists of columns and a lattice roof that helps provide relief from the sun. The roof is designed so that you can still benefit from the sunshine, but not at such full-force. The lattice-roof design fundamentally makes a pergola different from a full-roof pagoda. Therefore, if it suddenly rains, which is highly likely, you’re going to know about it.

Difference between a Pergola and a Gazebo

There are three key differences between a pergola and a gazebo. Firstly a pergola is typically square or rectangular and a gazebo is circular or octagonal. Secondly, a Gazebo has a roof. Thirdly, a gazebo is a separate structure, whilst a pergola can be built to stand-alone or can be joined to enhance other structures, such as a walkway or decking area.

Pergola Designs

The versatility of the pergola can dramatically enhance the visual properties of your house and your lifestyle too. The lattice or crisscrossed roof of a pergola means it can work with the landscape, such as being built around and underneath the tree in your garden. The pergola can also be integrated with a patio or deck, proving an outdoor relaxation room in your very own garden. You can grow various plants and have a trellis in order to create an even greener, natural look. Pergola’s can also be used as accents for your properties exterior and enhance small spaces. The versatility of the pergola means you can have it as a focal point or blended into the surroundings. You can make the roof very prominent or hardly there. You can have it joined to the house or as a stand-alone structure. And more importantly, you can enjoy the sun, without feeling like you’re melting.

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