Is Facebook’s Organic Reach Dead?

17th June 2019
Karl Cowell

Company pages on Facebook continue to report that their engagement is declining more and more. Facebook is shifting away from pages spamming peoples feed and towards a more community approach, pushing Facebook Groups and Facebook Watch.

But what does this mean for your business? Is there any point in posting on Facebook anymore?

Is it worth using Facebook organically?

I am going to kick this article off by answering the question straight away… Yes. Let me explain.

Yes, business are finding their organic reach is declining, but this is because they have not changed how they are posting while Facebook have been changing their algorithm. Facebook have had so many changes since they were in the hot seat for data protection so if you are still using the same strategy as you were before that, you will almost certainly be seeing a decline.

So what can I do?

The two biggest areas that are seeing an increase in engagement on Facebook are Facebook Groups and Facebook Watch. If you haven’t already, you should be paying attention to this and planning how your business can captilise on this.

Video Content

Video content continues to get high engagement across all social media platforms. If you haven’t started producing video content, now is the time to start.

On Facebook specifically, you will want to use their built in video platform. Posts sharing video’s from YouTube have been shown to get less reach on Facebook, which makes perfect sense as they are a competitor, so they don’t promote them. If you have a video of your own, upload it to Facebook’s platform rather than uploading it to YouTube and then sharing it on Facebook.

Facebook Live is still being pushed by Facebook as well. I think it’s a great opportunity as you can create video content without having to put the time in editing the video, or the money hiring someone to do it.

Facebook Groups

As Facebook moves more towards communities, they are putting more investment into their groups. Think about what group you could start that would genuinely interest people and make them want to join. If you make a group using your business name and try to get people to join, it’s unlikely to happen.

What you can do is make a group that provides obvious value. For example, if you are an accountant in the Kent area you could make a group called “Accountancy Advise in Kent”. You may see that soletraders and people doing their own accounts join that group and ask questions that they would like solved. Help them and they will be more likely to use your services.

Also, join other groups. Using the above example again, if there is already a group called “Accountancy Advise in Kent” join it and give out advise. The key here is to not be salesy and provide genuine value to the group. With a bit of time, you will see the groups trust in you will increase and you can capitilise on that.

What should I not do?

So now you understand that video content and groups are important in your Facebook strategy but let’s go through some things that you should avoid

Links in posts

Anything that pushes users away from the Facebook platform, perform worse in their algorithm. You may have written an amazing blog post (like this one) and be excited to share it, push it out on Facebook and see minimal engagement. How can you counter that?

Make a graphic video: As Facebook are pushing video, use that to your advantage. Create a graphic video that uses text and images, along with transitions to show what the blog post is about and what information they will find in it. Make it about 15 seconds long and put in the description of the post the information you would have put in your normal basic post.

Put the blog link in the comments of the post: In your post put “find the link to the blog in the comments” and once it is published, comment on the post with the blog link. It tricks the algorithm a little to believe there is a link in the post.

If you do those two things, you will see a much better engagement level on your posts sharing external links.

Memes and Quote Graphics are gone

It wasn’t too long a go that it was common to see your Facebook feed filled with memes and quote graphics, but Facebook are heavily moving away from this to video content. In fact, Buzzsumo found that video content outperformed still image content by 73%.

“BUT THAT IS ALL WE SHARE, WHAT DO WE DO NOW?!” I hear you shout. You need to start thinking about what will engage your audience, enticing them to comment or share the post. Question posts have seen an increase in engagement, give them a try. Short questions that get the reader thinking and something they can’t help but what to reply to.

Lets Summerise

Facebook has changed a lot and continues to change. As that’s the case, the next few months you are going to need to keep your ear to the ground to keep up with the changes and how it effects your strategy. Keep reading blogs and watching videos from people in the social media field.

Video content and Facebook groups are going to be very important. Think how your company can incorporate this into their social media strategy and start doing it right away. The quicker you get on top of this, the less climbing you will have to do in 6 months when they have changed even more to push towards these two services.

If you have any questions about this feel free to contact us on or head on over to our website and social media channels. Links will be below!

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