Infection Prevention And Control

18th March 2019
Paul O'Hara

More and more bacteria are impervious to antibiotics, this coincides with HM Government publishing a paper on Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance 24 January 2019. In short, it explains that we need to develop or discover ways to combat the losing battle against infections and by reducing the availability of antibiotics by half, we will extend the longevity of the antibiotics we have presently.

However, what it doesn’t say is what measures should we adopt to safeguard our families, friends, staff, colleagues and pets. Make no mistake, this will affect everyone!

How serious is this? Well, the mortality predictions are terrifying. Now, today here in England thousands people are dying but the problem is worldwide and measure need to be put in place to reduce the number of infection incidences through sanitation and hygiene.

This is the service that The Decontaminator provides: We kill bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi. Best used as a preventative application but just as efficient when required to be reactive.

Who will be first and hardest affected? Those with impaired or immature immune systems. Typically those who are recovering illness, or treatment associated with illness. Then infants and children a simple scratch to the skin or breathing someone’s sneeze or cough could have devastating effect.

This is a planet wide problem, we here in the UK are lucky enough to have an amazing vaccine program but as people travel to all corners of the globe and our bodies are not used to infections from far off countries, infection becomes easily contracted and spread.


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