Improving Manager’s Productivity

16th July 2019
John Mather

Top Tips For Improving Management Productivity In Any Small Business

  1. Identify and Do the Most Important Tasks, Delegate the Rest
  2. Prioritise the Items on Your To-Do List
  3. Get the Least Desirable Tasks Out of the Way Before Lunch
  4. Stick With One Task at a Time
  5. Find the Right Collaboration Tool for Your Team
  6. Make Sure All Meetings Have Clear Agendas and Cut Out Those That Don’t
  7. Schedule Meeting-Free Days
  8. Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand
  9. Schedule Breaks and Exercise
  10. Identify Opportunities for Automation
  11. Stay Off Social Media During the Day
  12. Schedule a few times each day for you to check and respond to emails
  13. Unplug Completely When a Deadline is Approaching
  14. Get Clutter Off Your Desk
  15. Turn Up the Office Thermostat
  16. Change Your Surroundings When You Feel Stuck
  17. Say “No” to Opportunities That Don’t Fit With Your Mission
  18. Give Your Team a Clear Direction From the Start

For a Full explanation, see where there is a paragraph of practical detail on each of the points above, on EMC & Associates’ Blog

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