Improve Your Business Cyber Security With A #LifeUpdate

11th March 2019
Rachael White

Have you ever added something you’ve already done to your to-do list, just for the satisfied feeling that comes with ticking it off straight away?

The latest campaign from CyberAware aims to replicate that feeling of achievement by making us all think differently about some seemingly mundane workplace tasks we may have been putting off.

Cyber Aware is an awareness and behaviour change campaign delivered by the Home Office to help individuals and small businesses protect themselves from cyber threats. This supports Beaming‘s commitment to be at the forefront of cyber security in order to protect our customers. We are proud to be Cyber Aware partners and were one of just 30 organisations invited to attend  Cyber Aware’s forum in London towards the end of last year, where we were given an opportunity to share insights that can help drive improvements in this area.

Some of the small tasks we may avoid could really improve our lives both at home and at work.

Whether you’re the boss or an employee, many of us are guilty of leaving less “glamorous” tasks on the list as bigger, more urgent projects take priority, but taking half an hour to compare quotes for a new energy provider might save you money, so why put it off? And cancelling a subscription you no longer need will take five minutes, so do it straight away instead of ending up out of pocket next month.

Something else that many people delay is installing application and operating system updates. Pausing updates indefinitely could leave you vulnerable to a cyber attack, which would at best be time consuming and costly; at worst catastrophic for your business.

It’s not just large global companies that are at risk of a cyber security breach. The common misconception by small business owners is that their business is ‘not worth attacking’. In actual fact, the government’s Cyber Security Breaches survey revealed that 42% of micro/small businesses identified one breach or attack in the last 12 months.

Ironically, while the risks and repercussions of a cyber attack are relatively high for SMEs, the steps they could take to protect themselves are actually really simple. Remind employees to install new updates during their lunch breaks or when their device is plugged into a power socket. Alternatively, you could ask your IT administrators to set them to automatically install as soon as they become available.

Below are four more simple Cyber Aware #LifeUpdates to help you stay secure online:

  • Use a strong and separate password for your email account
  • Activate two step authentication on your email
  • Consider using password managers
  • Secure your tablet or smart phone with a screen-lock

With the simple things covered, you’ve ticked another task off the list and taken a big step towards securing your business against cyber attacks.

Beaming tracks emerging cyber security threats and we publish our findings in our quarterly cyber threat report, along with expert advice on protecting your business. Sign up for this free service on our website.

For the more complicated stuff that keeps you safe online – like firewalls and Unified Threat Management – you’ll need some expert advice. So, when you’re choosing connectivity for your business make sure to put cyber security on the list of important considerations, and don’t put it off.

Alex would be happy to go over your list of connectivity and cyber security requirements, so  track him down at a Chamber event or give him a call on 0800 082 2868.

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