How To Use Cloud Technology To Love Our Planet

13th February 2019
Paul Goggin

How To Use Cloud Technology To Love Our Planet

February is the month of love… Valentine’s Day has us thinking of those we love. I’d like to use this feeling of love and caring to talk about something close to my own heart.

Whether you call it Climate Change, or Green Business, Sustainable working is top of mind for many businesses at the moment.

Mine is no exception, in fact I started Innovo Consulting specifically to help business join the fight against Climate Change.

While this is noble, you’re in the midst of other priorities like revenue, paying bills, hiring staff and growing, so being more “socially responsible” often gets put off as a something to do one day.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to lecture you. I will show you how the Cloud can help you to reduce your carbon footprint, or stop it increasing while your business grows. All while providing your business with greater working flexibility, increased productivity and improved security.

Here are some facts and statistics provided by the three big business technology providers:

Carbon Neutral:

Google have been carbon neutral business since 2006. In 2017 they confirmed that they are now running 100% on renewable energy globally. Source

Microsoft have been carbon neutral since 2012. Source

Apple, have a slightly different challenge as so much of their revenue is based on hardware manufacturing and sales. In 2016, 96 percent of the electricity used at Apple’s global facilities came from renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions by nearly 585,000 metric tons. Apple are 100 percent renewable in 24 countries—and all of Apple’s data centers. Source

Why should you care?

If you buy an Apple product over a Samsung, for example, you are contributing to a greener supply chain. Even if you trade your old Apple device in at an Apple store, they aim to recycle as much of the materials as possible.

If you move to the cloud, but use a local data or hosting provider, you are only moving your carbon output to another location. You’re not reducing it overall, as you would if you moved to Microsoft or Google. Source

As a comparison, Google’s data centres use 50% less energy than typical data centres.

Small businesses that move from an in house email and / or file server, to Google’s cloud services use 65-85% less energy. That’s quite a saving in real money terms for you.

A business using Gmail can reduce the GHG emissions impact of its email service by up to 98% compared with running email on local servers. Source


On top of this, if your business is operating in the South East of England (Essex, Kent, or East Sussex) you may be eligible for an EU funded government grant until 2020. Source


As you can see, while you can focus on saving time and money, you also get a warm fuzzy feeling in knowing that yours is one more business helping to combat Climate Change and be kinder to our planet.

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Thank you!

Paul Goggin – Innovo Consulting Ltd

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