How To Stop Your Office Staff Wasting Time At Work

21st June 2019
John Mather

As a business owner, how much time do you think your office staff waste? 10% …. 20% …. more?

If you think your staff waste 20% of their time at work, why not give them a whole day off, regularly, just work four days each week and give everyone Friday off ??? Pay them exactly the same but have a 3 day weekend, every weekend?

Twice, I have done this, you’ll be amazed how much Smarter everyone works those four working days, to ensure they get that 3 day weekend, for the exactly the same pay. Staff become more inventive, creative and work more steadily and collaboratively, knowing that if their work isn’t finished in 4 days, they’ll have to come in on Friday and work alone, in a very quiet office…

There’s wrinkles in doing this every week, maybe Christmas & holidays, but your staff will find work-arounds, short cuts and just stop wasting anytime at work, anything to get a 3 day weekend.

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