How Much Brexit Planning Should Kentish Small Businesses Do, If Any?

16th July 2019
John Mather

Late last year, the media was full of the possible consequences for British Businesses when Brexit occurred on 1st April 2019.

Now that the Brexit date has been moved, is Brexit actually going to affect you?

Have you done ANY Brexit planning? Is it necessary?

Many businesses think (correctly) that as I neither import or export, is will have no impact on me.

In almost every case, Brexit will not have any direct impact on your business, like the 2007 Banking Crisis or the collapse of Carillon in January 2018 didn’t. But the financial and supply chain consequences were felt throughout the British economy and though these events mainly affected a small number of companies, the indirect consequences were felt throughout the economy, most directly in and around London businesses.

I am advising my clients that most Kentish companies should have a default Contingency / Risk plan, for when various events, possible & likely, which should accommodate Brexit amongst the likely events. The consequences of Brexit are very uncertain and  having gone through two major financial events in recent years, the most likely consequences of Brexit are going to be on our transport / supply lines, as the logistics of being in Kent will prove to be challenging with lorries and other vehicles back up in various locations around Kent (M20 and all routes in to Dover, Folkestone and other Kentish ports).

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