Green Environmental Scheme Awards

10th May 2018
Paul Brooks

A leading Kent company, who provide Washroom and Hygiene products and services, have launched Green Environmental Scheme awards for their customers to display within their premises.

It is an organisations responsibility to ensure that all Sanitary and Nappy waste is disposed of in the correct way and by a company that is a registered carrier with the Environment Agency, with the facilities in place to be able to do so. It is also a legal requirement that the correct procedures are in place so staff are aware of what can be put where with regard to this type of waste.

The Green Environmental Scheme awards was launched so organisations can demonstrate their understanding of what is required and also that they are aware of the impact on the environment from the waste they produce, which needs to be disposed of.

Tony Reid of Chatha Hygiene explains: “there are a lot of organisations out there that still believe they can put this waste in with any other waste produced on the premises, but this is not the case and therefore the organisation may be at risk of a heavy fine if you are found to be not disposing of your waste in this correct way”.

The Green Environmental Scheme awards also demonstrate that organisations take pride in their Washroom facilities, which does mean a lot to the general public who use them. We all want a nice and clean Washroom with facilities provided for nappy changing where required and the easy means of disposal. Afterwards the ability to wash and dry your hands in a clean and germ free environment.

A donation has been made to the Green Earth Appeal.

Chatha Hygiene is one of the county’s leading, independent, family run, Washroom and Hygiene companies. Located near Maidstone we are proud to be celebrating our fourteen year. We have continued to grow and base our success on giving the personal touch and understanding the needs of our very varied customer base. We have always been aware that excellent customer service and support is key to our business and that is what we continue to deliver and is why we have the success we have worked so hard to achieve.

We always use our own fully trained staff and do not sub-contract any of our work out. Working as a team and employing locally. All staff are DBS checked. Chatha Hygiene also makes sure that any waste collected, whenever possible is recycled. It is very important to us to look after the environment and we understand that companies like ours have a duty to do that.

Giving people confidence in our service is extremely important to us and always has been.

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