Do I Need To Blog On My Company Website?

15th April 2019
Paul Lawrie

Having a blog on your company website is an important tool to attain and acquire customers, regardless of the size of your business. As well as this, blogging gives you a platform to offer additional knowledge and advice to your target market and a place to find useful resources.

Blogging may seem like another task to add to your never-ending to-do list but on average companies with blogs produce 67% more leads per month than those without (Source: DemandMetric) so don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Educate and inform

One of the main benefits gained from having a blog on your company website is the ability to educate and inform your target audience on relevant industry areas. Such as product knowledge, new products/features released, industry events and useful tips.

At mso we have utilised our blog on several occasions to educate our audience on the myths around ‘WordPress not being secure’ and why it is our chosen platform to work on. This has significantly helped our audience become aware of the benefits of using the platform and has been supported by the credibility of facts sourced.

Build credibility

Sharing the knowledge your company has on its industry builds credibility and portrays that you are knowledgeable and can be trusted in what you do. A potential client may find an answer to one of their queries or concerns from a blog post that you have created which encourages them to get in touch. Through simple content creation techniques, such as writing content around your industry FAQ’s gives you the ability to convert leads.


When generating regular content you are opening the door to building a community and engaging with your audiences. This is amplified when you share your content across social media channels or allowing comments to be left on your posts. You can then answer further questions around the topic of the post and demonstrate your willingness to help and offer further advice.

Identifying who the influencers are within your industry and asking them to share your content is a really good way to maximise your posts reach and even attract media attention. This will not only increase your brand’s awareness but also broaden potential new revenue streams from markets you haven’t targeted before.

Drive traffic

By increasing the content produced by your company and engagement across social media, it is likely you will drive more traffic to your website. Make sure you have strong CTA’s (Call to action) to keep users on your website to read more content or get in touch!


Not only should you expect an increase in traffic to your website but also a better ranking on Google as a result of frequently blogging on your website. Search engine’s love when websites are being kept updated with fresh new content and will definitely reward you for it!

You also have the power to improve your ranking even further by using a combination of on-page SEO tactics on your blogs such as targeting long-tail keywords and adding internal links to other posts.

Next steps

Now you are aware of the benefits gained from blogging on your company website you may have acknowledged this is something you need to make time for but you’re not sure where to start. As mentioned, creating content around your industry’s FAQs is usually a good place to start, along with upcoming product releases or service updates. Keep your audience up to date and informed and make sure you keep an eye on your analytics to see what topic areas perform best!

Check out our other posts to see what content we create and should you have any further questions or want to seek advice feel free to get in touch.

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