COVID-19: Using Social Media and Finding Support

20th March 2020
Linda Cloke

Over the coming days, we have all seen the swirling impact COVID-19 has brought to SME’s across the world. Now, more than ever, it’s important to support others and find support for ourselves.

We thought it necessary to provide details of the support you can find on social media.

Support Groups

There is a large number of Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups we have seen and joined that are making a conscious effort to support each other with knowledge in their industries and keeping morale together. Using the search tab, look up keywords, for example, Self-Isolation.

Facebook Funding

Facebook has heard small businesses and is recognising that support is needed. So they are offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits to 30,000 small businesses over 30 countries. 

You don’t have to have a Facebook page to be eligible for the grant. Please see the link to find out more when they release more

Stay Connected

The great thing with social media is that you are able to connect with your business contacts wherever you are. It’s important to stay engaged and utilise this time not only to listen to others but to be a voice to be heard. 

When all this is done and people are looking back on the support provided we are all going to remember those that have provided the support and valuable information needed to know. How can you help others during this time? 

Keep Positive & Realistic 

We are seeing all aspects of moods on social media from anger about panic buying, worry for our businesses and positivity that we are all going to get through time. 

Keeping an upbeat attitude and showing your audience the clocks are still ticking, will show stability and credibility.

All in all, we hope you are staying safe. Should you need any help or guidance on using social media we are happy to provide free support.

Elle & Linda Cloke

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