Bringing The Outdoors In: How Natural Living Can Redefine Your Home

20th July 2018
Tracey Glendinning

Match The Interior With The Exterior
For those of us living in Britain, the English summer brings with it a dual emotion of excitement and dread. It’s a bit like inviting an unknown and unpredictable party guest. One minute you’re all outside enjoying the sunshine, the next minute a wind has ripped through and blown the umbrella down and Carol’s on the table dancing. Perhaps I’m a pessimist, but British weather just isn’t ideal.

Queue the architectural development of natural living. It’s not exactly a novel idea to bring the leafy, suburban outside into the home. However, natural living is home improvement at its best. It’s also far superior to the time you attempted to put pot plants on every shelf and ended up having to use all your plates just so the water wouldn’t pool everywhere (just me?). Instead, natural living matches colours, shades, and designs between the interior and exterior so that it becomes one.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Is Best For Natural Living
Architects are creating walkways that sweep from the garden path straight into the study or kitchen. Home Improvement companies are installing French or double patio doors that slide inwards, immediately combining house and garden. Houses are also being installed with tilt and turn or even bay styled windows bringing in that fresh air and maximizing the space between inside and out. And for those that would prefer some privacy when indoors, tinted windows afford seclusion whilst still remaining close to nature.

Alongside the global push to use more sustainable and eco-friendly products, more wooden or composite material is being used throughout modern building projects. Wood, in particular, is a conscious material that elevates the concept of natural living. From exposed red brick to laminated wooden floors, home improvement is changing the ways in which we bring nature into our home. Nowadays, you don’t have to leave the garden path at the front door. Indoor/outdoor living has never been more natural and there’s still space to add a few beloved potted plants.

Easily Improve Your Home
So next time you have a party and you’re worried about Carol or the sudden change of weather. Why not swing back those patio doors and enjoy the blend of indoor space and outdoors. Natural living brings the beauty of the great outdoors and pairs it together with the comforts of indoor living. By changing the way you see the divide between interior and exterior, you can instantly improve your home, making it feel more spacious and relaxing. It doesn’t need to cost the earth; it can be as simple as changing your windows or painting your walls. Either way, it’s time you enjoyed it all.

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