Boosting Customer Relations Through Debt Collection In 2020

9th January 2020
Pierre Haincourt

Did you know that a debt collection agency can help you to cement your customer relationships? You may be sceptical; after all, traditionally, we see debt collection as purely a question of recouping money, and irrelevant to the state of your customer relations.

But these days, debt collection is about more than getting your money back. In fact, in a business environment where goodwill between company and client is paramount, the use of a quality debt collection agency can actually help to improve your business relationships.

Customers get into debt for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they are also struggling to get paid on time themselves, or perhaps they suffered an unexpected bad debt. Sacrificing a long-term customer relationship in order to collect a short-term debt can be bad business in a competitive marketplace. Many creditors tell us: “please make sure I can get my client back to do more business with them when they have paid their debt”.

Handing the sometimes-tricky process of collecting debts to a specialist means that you can benefit from some of the innovations that have been reshaping the debt collection sector. These days, debt collection agencies can focus on tailored recoveries, making it easier for the customer to pay, which can be useful if a customer is having genuine problems with meeting payment deadlines. Tools such as flexible payments, offering a variety of payment options, assisting customers with cashflow advice, referring them to invoice finance or assets finance companies when they are unable to borrow from their bank, can all help to promote a positive relationship whilst increasing the likelihood of earlier repayment.

A good debt collection agency doesn’t just offer flexibility to the customer. They can also adjust their methods to suit your requirements. If you have a debt to collect from a customer with whom you want to retain a good relationship, a modern debt collector will work with you to ensure that you are happy that the methods they are using to reclaim the debt are not going to negatively affect your future customer relationship.

Customer loyalty and the relationship between business and customer is hugely important in the modern business world, where new competitors are emerging every week. By using a modern, flexible debt collection company to reclaim your debt, you can increase your chances of getting paid in full, while maintaining those all-important customer relationships.

Whether you need international debt collection or debt collection services, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts.

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