An Inside Perspective: Handy Hints To Help With Your Plumbing

20th July 2018
Tracey Glendinning

Everyone knows someone who thinks they know a thing or two about plumbing. A “what will go wrong” type of individual who has to at least “have a go.” A “go” that usually sees you two hours later both submerged in a small, freezing lake in your kitchen. Aside from wanting to fix these issues yourself, plumbing seems to have been lumped into the same category as putting up a shelf. Whilst plumbing has fooled the dubious for years about how easy it is, plumbers have sighed with an audible groan when finally called in to fix the usually larger mess.

Our certified and in-house plumber has shared with us a few handy hints to help you assess your plumbing and maybe prompt you to call one out before it gets worst:

1) Turn off the water – It may be obvious, but many people forget to turn off the water before they start tinkering around with the pipes. If the water isn’t shut off and you do attempt to fix the issue, you may be liable to flooding and in extreme cases, property damage. This small, obvious step can often turn issues into disasters.

2) Use Proper Tools – Great you have a wrench, unfortunately, this business isn’t a one size fits all. Using the wrong type of wrench can lead to unnecessary pressure on the pipes and cause disastrous consequences.

3) Understand Drain Blocker Isn’t Always the Solution – Granted drain blocker when used correctly can solve a lot. It helps to quickly remove hair or other debris that has caused clogging. However, too much drain blocker can ruin your pipes and sometimes a persistent clogged pipe is a warning that professional help is needed.

4) Correctly Connect Pipes – Copper and PEX tubing are just some of the great piping material available and are easy to source when fixing or connecting a pipe. The trick, however, is not in finding the material but in properly bonding the pipes together, so as not to cause a leak.

5) Consistently Check Valves – Its good practice to locate and check both indoor and outdoor isolation valves. We recommend checking the valves every few months.

6) Protect Pipes From Cold Weather – Cold weather can be disastrous for pipes, especially if they freeze. It’s best to keep them insulated properly.

7) Annually Review Your Heating System – Keeping a check on your heating system means you can pre-empt when something may sound wrong, That way you save money and hassle by ensuring everything is in good working order.

At Renovize Homes we offer EMERGENCY, DOMESTIC and INDUSTRIAL plumbing expertise 24/7. Our emergency and certified plumbers mean you can rest easy if any plumbing problems were to arise. So, if you are unsure as to how you can fix your pipes and you’ve chucked more than enough drain blocker down the sink, then perhaps its time to give us a call. Our range of services includes repair and installation work.


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