Chamber R&D Tax Credit


We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with leading tax experts RIFT R&D to bring the full benefits of R&D Tax Relief to our members. Together, we’ll be supporting Kent businesses in claiming tax back for the innovative work they do.

The R&D Tax Credits system is the largest incentive scheme of its kind, but many firms never even realise that they qualify. That means missing out on the claims they could make, and the valuable cash boosts that come with them.

What does the new service actually include?

With our help, RIFT is building a complete, start-to-finish service for Chamber members, demystifying the process and maximising its rewards. Our partnership means Chamber members can easily access:

  • A comprehensive service that handles every stage of the claim process
  • Expert accounting support to help with the fine details of tax advice and refunds
  • Professional introductions to trusted partners specialising in fundraising, grants, Intellectual Property and more
  • A dedicated telephone helpline specifically for Chamber members
  • Quarterly clinics and one-to-one sessions to talk through your specific circumstances, questions and needs
  • An exclusive, reduced fee for KICC members

How do I know if I can make an R&D Tax Credits claim?

Research and Development is about much more than lab coats and test tubes. In fact, a great deal of your day-to-day problem solving could well qualify you for tax relief. Despite this, so many forward-thinking businesses still aren’t getting the credit they deserve for their innovations. Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Are you paying, or eligible to pay, Corporation Tax?
  • Are you solving problems or tackling challenges with fresh ideas and expertise?
  • Are you making use of trial and error to improve existing products and processes, or to develop new ones?
  • Are you taking steps forward in what you know or can do in your sector?
  • Are you working to make your business activities safer, more efficient or “greener”?

If you’re answering “yes” to questions like these, there’s a good chance that what you’re doing qualifies for R&D Tax Relief. In fact, even if your innovations don’t work out, or if your business makes a loss, you could still have a valid claim. That’s why it’s so important to make sure companies who are taking risks and making advances get the full benefit of the R&D scheme.
How will RIFT work with me on my claim?

RIFT’s technical experts speak the same language as yours. They’ll work with you to paint a complete picture of your qualifying projects and expenditure, building a well supported “technical narrative” and backing it up with evidence at every stage. Once they’ve set that out, they’ll quickly be able to estimate the total value of your tax relief claim. RIFT will stick with you right through the final submission of your paperwork – and if the taxman starts dragging his heels over paying out, they’ll chase him up and resolve any queries he has. Crucially, RIFT will keep you in the loop every step of the way. Every claim is handled with the highest levels of professionalism, expertise and confidentiality.

RIFT R&D has a vast range of experience in successfully building and processing R&D claims for businesses, large or small, in every industry. They’re the preferred partner of many membership organisations and trade associations, and our partnership with them means we can help more businesses together than ever before.

For further information or to access this valuable resource, call the Membership Department on 01233 503838 or email

Members: Full details on how to access this Member Benefit are available in your ‘My Chamber’ area of the Website

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