Electronic Certification


e-Cert World is a web-based system that allows users to apply for their Export Documentation electronically. The following documents are available through the website:

  • Certificates of Origin
  • EUR1 Movement Certificate
  • A.TR Movement Certificate
  • Commercial Invoices.
There are two main services available via e-Cert World; the Standard Service and the Express Service. However, in times of extreme urgency a third service can be offered which we call Premium Express.  These three services are explained as follows:
Standard – This service, open to all users, allows exporters to apply for the documents on-line and then the issuing body prints the documents in their office, which are then stamped and the customer can either collect them or they can be posted back
Express – This service allows exporters to apply for the documents on-line and then once checked and certified by the Issuing Body, allows the applicant to print the certified documents in their own office. The certifying stamps and signatures are generated electronically.
Premium Express – This service is the same system as the normal Express service except when an exporter needs the documents urgently, they can phone the issuing body and ask for the documents to be processed immediately.  It is always negotiated by telephone as the issuing body may not open an e-mail immediately and the request could therefore be overlooked for a period of time.  The issuing body may also charge an extra price for processing the documents immediately.
All applications are made via a website unique to each issuing body. The user is required to register their details to gain access to the site, during this process they choose a user name and a password and on completion of registration the system issues a unique Company ID, all three are required for the user to enter the functional part of the website.
Both types of applications require the user to upload a scanned signature to the website.
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For further information on the Chamber Export Documentation Service call

01233 503838 or email viv@kentinvictachamber.co.uk