Kent Invicta LIVE: Re-Startup Mentality with Sleeping Giant Media

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6th August 2020 10:30 am - 6th August 2020 11:30 am BST

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Join us for our next Kent Invicta LIVE event, discussing ‘Re-Startup Mentality’ with Guest Speaker Luke QuilterSleeping Giant Media

The world has changed, but what exactly does that mean for business and the way we talk to our customers?

This talk will explore how both business and marketing level trends have changed, and what you will need to do more of in the new world. As businesses and Governments talk about ‘recovery’, we believe that more innovative thinking will be required. Simply put, recovery isn’t enough anymore.

We’ll look at the mindset required to shift from recovery to innovation; the tools and models necessary to help you plan for the new world, as well as what area of marketing businesses and their leaders will need to be comfortable within the new world.

An interactive talk filled with insight, actions, and takeaways

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