Kent Invicta LIVE: Reflect, Reset And Return To Growth – Positive Steps For 2021

Online Via Zoom
25th February 2021 10:30 am - 25th February 2021 11:30 am BST

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Join us for our next event in the Kent Invicta LIVE series, as we hear from Nick Hawley, HeadsUp HR who will discuss reflect, reset and return to growth – positive steps for 2021. This discussion will focus on the Growth Mindset, and how it can be used in the context of a simple 3 step business process of:

  1. Reflect – Taking stock of where your business is and what lessons have been learnt
  2. Reset – Take the learning and analysis and set out the path of 2021
  3. Respond – Put in place the necessary actions

The discussion will explore how as leaders we need to have the right mindset, we will explore 4 leadership paradoxes (skills set) that help leaders embrace the future rather than relying on a fixed mindset. It’s about innovation, it’s about self improvement, it’s about continuous learning, it’s about never giving up.

The session will also include:

  • Hear and share what businesses are currently experiencing as we embark on 2021
  • Share some of the lessons we can all learn from our collective experiences of 2020
  • Understand the 3-step process you can deploy to Reflect, Re-frame and Respond to your challenges as a business owner/leader
  • Learn the core components of a Growth mindset (based on the research of leading psychologist Carol Dweck), and how it differs from a Fixed mindset
  • Gain an insight into the leadership traits, behaviours and paradoxes that will allow you to respond to the challenges of 2021 and see where how you measure up

About Nick Hawley:

Nick Hawley, is the ex-HR Director at the cross channel operator Eurotunnel and has spent 30+ years in the world of Human resource management. A pragmatic and experienced leader, Nick has gained his senior experience across a range of different sectors including packaging, aerospace, automotive, building materials and transportation in complex environments. With a great passion for developing leaders and their teams to deliver business performance, Nick established his HR Consultancy at the beginning of 2020, just before Coronavirus gripped the nation. He has his own fascinating story to tell as he embarked on a purposeful career move realising his personal ambition of launching his wn business.

Offering virtual HR Director services to SMEs as well as developing his Executive Coaching and Organisation, Team and Leadership development practice, Nick focuses on supporting leaders in grappling with the personal and business challenges they face. Visit his website at

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