Business TV series are looking for local companies

Posted on Tuesday 27th March, 2018 by

SHINE TV, the makers of ‘Masterchef’ and ‘Hunted’ are making a new business TV series. They’ve developed easy-to-use technology so companies can get immediate feedback from staff and customers on all aspects of the business. This tool could improve business performance. If interested get in touch or 0207 483 6682.

Background information

Shine TV have partnered with a technology company to develop a new system which gives companies the ability to access rapid feedback from their workforce and customers on all aspects of the business. We would like to introduce this into various companies, along with the guidance of a business mentor who can analyse the data, give feedback, and facilitate innovations and improvements where needed.

The easy-to-use technology can provide honest insights into the workforce, highlight potential problem areas such as employee dissatisfaction, low moral or poor team-work. It can also shine a light on where teams are working well, revealing motivations and reasons for excellence. In essence this is a constant 360 appraisal system which is both dynamic and immediate.

We have also developed the technology to work at the client-facing end of the business, giving the business quick tangible feedback on the customer experience. This could zoom in on underlying problems which may be effecting the bottom line or it may highlight successes, therefore allowing the company to build on good practice.

At this stage we are looking to talk to companies, like car dealerships, who are open to being involved in a television series which puts this new technology to the test. There is no commitment at this stage – we are just keen to discuss it further.

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