Veritas Fire Support Services

In: Fire Safety
Contact: Steve Dilloway
28 Keel Close, Carlton Colville, Suffolk. NR33 8GT

Your business sector will have specific elements of Life Safety provision that should be followed to ensure that your system(s) give the very best protection whilst offering and engineering solution to mitigate false alarm issues.

Managing false alarms is a key issue for your business, the employees and visitors MUST have confidence in the systems you put in place to protect them.

Veritas Fire Support Services will therefore ensure that to the very best of our abilities the overall life safety program is designed to meet your needs and not cause business disruption and loss of revenue.

By making an indepth assessment of your business activities, the needs of staff and visitors and any subsequent disability issues that may apply, Veritas will make recommendations and system design planning to ensure that your business is best served.

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